„Anyaság!? Micsoda nagyszerű karrirer…”

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Ezzel a mondattal jelezték a szociolabor tagjai mennyire fontosnak tartják szüleik, s most elsősorban édesanyjuk „munkáját”, mindennapi odaadását.

A 8. Nap Csoportja egy meghitt kis teadélután keretében köszöntötte az édesanyákat a tőlük megszokott humoros, megható történet segítségével. Előadásuk mellett sajátkezűleg készített sütemények is várták az érdeklődőket, s az édesség mellett ismét kaphattunk egy kis szeletet mindennapi életükből.

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  3. Det er så vanskelig å vite med barn som ikke kan beskrive smerte ol. like godt som oss voksne. Synes ikke du skal ha dårlig samvittighet, du merket klumpen bak halsen og ringte legen :) God bedring til småtten!Klem Ena

  4. What a great idea! My boys are always looking for the little "special" pieces when playing with legos. I have some baby food jars that I kept, so I think I might try this!

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  7. How will the banks be paying the BoE back? I’m really not clear at all about what your saying is going to happen (that “eh” was an “eh” of confusion, not an “eh” of “I think you’re talking mince”, sorry it was annoying)

  8. Oh mujahedin… tu a modos que não desenvolves pá.O teu poder de síntese lembra-me aquele ditado chinês: O estúpido quando se lhe aponta a lua… olha pró dedo!!!

  9. Ach ja, dat enthousiasme, dat herken ik helemaal. Dat loopt ook mij soms voor de voeten maar zonder enthousiasme zou ik nooit klantropoloog zijn geworden en ik denk dat het jou ook goed van pas komt in wat je doet.

  10. Sounds really delicious!But I have one question: Do you have any Christmas Cake / biscuits recepies WITHOUT nuts (or almonds)? Really difficult to find! I am allergic to nuts and almonds!

  11. Bonjour, Je partage la remarque de Cécile.A tout le moins ne serait-il pas possible de mettre le film en libre accès depuis les postes de travail ?Partageons tous ce moment particulier !

  12. Trish:Thanks for stopping by the Bargain Boutique today and sharing you blog w/ me. It is so lovely and poetic as well. I would love to subscribe to your blog. Do I need to do something more to subscribe? Thanks for making my day!Theresa

  13. Cette tarte est vraiment superbe et elle est probablement meilleure que si tu l'avais cuisinée avec de la pulpe de citrouille américaine qui, somme toute, a un goût très ordinaire.Vive les tartes à la citrouille qui ne sont pas faites avec de la citrouille!Lou

  14. Betsy, you are one cool zenmamma ~ I love learning more about who you are and why is it no surprise to me that you are such a lover of books and games involving imagination. Now I’m off to take a look at some of your nominees ~ the ones I already know are pretty brilliant so no doubt are those who are new to me.How could it be otherwise with you as the intermediary?Ellexoxo[]

  15. I can understand your nervousness about having your babies leave you for two days. Try to enjoy your free time. I'll bet your mom will enjoy having some adult time with you!

  16. Dear Mr. Wright: Very well put. Esp. your comments that people on the Right are, or can be as guilty as those on the Left. Particularly because we on the Right have greater knowledge and thus less excuse. But, I would not place National Socialists or “Fascists” on the right, but with the left. Jonah Goldberg’s book LIBERAL FASCISM has convincingly argued that those groups belongs to the left, not the right. I’m not sure where you yourself would place them. Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

  17. Gävle 110802Ship ohoy, Insa, Frauke, Mercè and Micha! I hope you’ve had a nice trip to Mariehamn. Don’t miss to visit the 4-m barque “Pommern”! It was built in Glasgow 1903 for B Werke & Söhne in Hamburg.If you happen to meet the former head of the maritime museum, Göte Sundberg, give him my regards.I will send you photos from Gävle to Micha’s and Mercès e-mail address.Ingvar

  18. OMG, I am howling here…! I think I am forever going to remember your comment on spoiled a~holes till the day I pop on over to the other side!Love the sweater and pants!

  19. Ou parce qu’on a envie ? C’pas obligé d’être pour faire comme tout le monde Pour le reste ben certes il FAUT accepter que la vie n’est pas juste et qu’on aura pas toujours ce qu’on veut, que ca marche pas au mérite et que notre bonheur ON EN EST RESPONSABLE

  20. I am disgusted by how little we Americans are told about what’s happening in other countries that our government feels don’t have any strategic value to us. Even when we DO know about atrocities – hello? Darfur? – the best we can seem to do is manage a little lip service and maybe make a colored plastic bracelet about it.I have hope that the compassionate rhetoric coming from our President Elect will spill over into Africa, as well. There’s always money for war – how about taking some of that back and investing in peace?

  21. Tibéri n’a fait tout ça que pour se la couler douce.Que le juge prenne ses responsabilités: condamner Tibéri, lui faire rembourser ses indemnités, envoyer sa femme en prison puisqu’elle se mêlait de tout sans mandat. Pour le reste, j’irai pisser sur le tombe.

  22. Jeg blev helt vildt glad af at se billederne!Men Kia, jeg synes du gør det skide godt. Jeg elsker at følge bloggen, så fortsæt du dit gode arbejde :) Hilsen Caroline

  23. By February 21, 2013 – 12:42 pmWanted to drop a remark and let you know your Feed is not working today. I tried adding it to my Bing reader account and got nothing.


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